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[Report] Xiamen Toastermasters 93rd meeting Report (By Sophia)

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What a nice report, Mother Sophia !
I like those pictures.
And we did have a great meeting.
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Well done, Sophia! The long wait is worthwhile! What a lovly report it is... I love it. Thanks for your hard work!!!
发表于 2011-7-8 18:11:26 | 显示全部楼层
Haha, I did enjoy meeting so much, your guys are so talent on humorous table topic
发表于 2011-7-12 22:09:13 | 显示全部楼层
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You can also try Cookies.
You always bring us some funny table topics.  ^_^
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"don't campare  with Brian on the wealth,but  on the hair !"
Oh no.  Brian has nothing left there.  Anyone can beat him. 5555555555

Such a brilliant writing!  That's the English I am talking about.  We are proud of you, mum!!
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Great Job, Sophia, I knew you could do it and do it perfectly!
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very  very good report...Sophia..
i know that being a TMC Mummy,it is a big task...i know u can shoulder it well..
giving u a big hand..well done..Yummy Mummy...if i can call u that..i dare call u that..?..
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You guys be careful! Maybe Coco Zhang will read this love fair story...
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Edited by supersophia9 at 2011-7-7 13:44

Place: Wayen Coffee
Theme:Starting a new adventure

   Tony Wheeler, the co-founder of the world famous travelling guidebook 'lonely planet’, once said that, when you decide to go, the hardest part of travelling is over! Just like it, when you decide to go to Xiamen Toastmasters, the hardest part of trying to be a better yourself is over!
   You are starting a new adventure, here you are, on the way to improve your English , on the way to enhance your public speaking skill, on the way to advance your leadership ,on the way to be a better yourself!!! Though there might be lots of troubles, dangers, don’t be afraid, because  we are standing by you! Yes, we can !Together we can go over them! what’s more, The struggling itself is a kind of growing, full of unerasable memories, I sure you don’t want to miss it!
   The new officers are on the board, the members are taking new roles, the new guests are on the road, here we go, let’s start a new adventure together!!!


Look, our new SAA, Chris lee, is talking with our new guest! What a sunshine smile! Chris told me that, SAA is a nice job, because he can get any girl’s contact no. and mail by saying,
hi, are you coming to TMC?
Could you do me a favor to write down your name and email, please?
So now would you like to be his assistant?
   Tonight we have lots of new guests! Some of them came from the other club,
eg. XMU xmc’s president Alex brought there members to our meeting!
Justine, our German friend, came from shanghai no.1 toastmasters club

She is passionate and creative.What's more, she can speek 9 kinds of languages!!Amazing

    Some of them are green hands, they are invited by our old members!

Let’s give thanks to the old members, Mike,  Jerry,Brian etc. They are doing a great job! Everyone should know how important it is to bring new blood to us! Hey, you ,next time, bring your friends here! The Vpm will give you a surprise!!!


    Celine is our toastermaster tonight!
       As usual, she spoke in a calm and slow speed,make all the people feel the inner peace!
       This  smart girl was good at making beautiful transition words, did you notice that?

    Now lets have a look at the Evaluation team! Many new members were taking new roles! Sophia,
     This was her first time to be the general evaluator, but she didn't feel nervous,
     because  just as the saying goes,
     there are many hardworking men behind a !susseful women

     The fisrt supported man was the most powerful guy, Mr. mussle man arther

      He saidif you overuse the timeI will use the weapon to heat you!!!Who dare to???

      Next is the ah-counter,Chris.
     He is great in Math, so the counting job is a piece of cake for him!By the way, he is a very careful boy, he turn off the background music and gave us a quiet environment!So what about the unnecessary words? He handled perfect!
    The grammarian should be kenn, but he run away!thankfully,the supergirl lucy took the hardest job!

  Tonight we have a education workshop!
   Coco gave us a lecture about“Ice breaker”.


   Coco told us that
if you use ‘5W1H’(Who,where,what,when,why,how)
to  introduce yourself,the speech would be a successful ice-breaker!
Then goes to the first speaker Jodie,she was doing her CC4,‘Be a good friend of yourself,
    She played a role of heart-master, lead us to be a good friend of ourself,  follow our heart, be true to ourself! Because everyone in the world is unic , you have your own advantages, don't tell lies to yourself!

      FYI, Lucy picked up a great sentence from Jodie's speech:
     don't campare  with Brian on the wealth,but  on the hair !
     Hah ,how humorous Jodie is!

     And then the second speeker our VPE kenn, gave us a wonderful CC1 speech


    He used a lot of sky diving pictures to show how brave he was, what his life experience is about.
   Kenn's positive life attitude also gave us a lot of imagination of our own life
    If you have enthusiam about life,
   just burst out your courage, start your new adventure,
   you can have your legend!!

ps: Thank you for Ann's critical evaluation!
We all don't like the big but empty red bag held in his hand!



   Did you guys
have fun?

  here came the table topic master Brian

his naughty big boy’s dream lover is Lin Zhiling(Famouse beauty in Taiwan),
so he began his table topic with a magical came across with her !!!

    Then Brian invited a team to help him make up the story, furthermore, another goups came to the stage to present an emotional show between Mike & Kenn!
    Do you curious about what happened between Brian and Lin Zhiling?
    Do you want to know more details about two men's emotion interaction?
    Here I could tell you  responsibily, the ending is!
Go and check the video in
www.139.com !(more information contact Coco)
    In the end of the meeting,the guests gave feedback to us.
    There are one thousand hamlets in one thousand readers’ eyes. From the guest viewpoints we could have a better self-recognize, about who we are, where we are, what is our advantages and disadvantages, which direction and why we should go, how we could improve!
    Thank you so much!And welcome you to join our meeting more offten!
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    There is something I want to highlight at last! During the meeting, Kenn show us a brand new agenda which include more information .
     It’s creative and useful, the new agenda shows you the learning goal(remind that you still have a long way to go). And it also will inform you weeks in advance of your role! In a word, it will allow you to have plenty of time to creat a great speech or prepare for your leadership role!!! Kenn, you are a devoted officer, thank you for your join and your contribution!We all learn a lot from you!

    Dear members and guests, Let's hand in hand, start our new adventure,
    one day the dream will definitely come true!!!

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I am so sorry it's late!
And I have some problems with the characters‘ size!I can't handle it as usual as the other blog!
But finally, better late than not,
it comes up!
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Amazing ,i have long time not to join TMC , but when i read the whole report , imaging i was there ,and enjoyed the whole meeting ,well done ,our TMC~~
got the nice sentence :don't campare  with Brian on the wealth,but  on the hair ~~
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Edited by jerry_fan at 2011-7-8 12:33

Hei, SuperSophia, this Wed. evening, we got your new nickname "super fat pig"
What a new venture for our XMTMC. We became more professional while we kept our spirit of to have fun, always! The meeting was so interesting.  

Kenn's CC1 was very impressive when he showed lots of pictures about his own VENTURE.  The TT story relay  was funny, especailly the love fair about Brian-Lin Zhiling.

   Tony Wheeler, the co-founder of the world famous travelling guidebook 'lonely planet’, once said that, when you decide to go, the hardest part of travelling is over! Just like it, when you decide to go to Xiamen Toastmasters, the hardest part of trying to be a better yourself is over! -- Nice quote for starting a new venture, well done Sophia!
发表于 2011-7-8 12:46:16 | 显示全部楼层
Ohlala, such an nice report with art photos.... This is my 菜!!!

Well done, Sophia! Your passion and energy inspires me a lot! As a new fish, you are showing your outstanding talent...

I believe you will achieve greatness!
发表于 2011-7-8 12:46:57 | 显示全部楼层
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We miss you Tristen...
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